Inside Artists | Issue 6

Page 66


Carol Brown


hotographer Carol Brown’s time working in independent film helped to develop her style as an artist; whether working with wardrobe, or as a still photographer, she used the experience to learn as much as possible. As an artist, Brown’s images hold an autobiographic quality, as we are offered snatched glimpses into her everyday movements albeit from an abstract perspective. We are the fly on the wall to her explorations and heightened awareness of her environments. As the photographer turns her gaze to the world around her, the lush textures and tones of her images reveal darkened tunnels, cracks and decay. We are witness to her leafy, watery investigations and night time city walks; the fleeting moments

Miss Ives, 2016, digital photograph, 66 x 97 cm

that have caught her attention now holding the viewer as we take on her perspective and find the meaning in the seemingly mundane. Originally from the UK where she studied Fine Art and Photography in Birmingham, Brown has since relocated to New York. Continuing her work in independent film, she was awarded the best director award from the Thanet International Filmmaker Festival in 2010 while also earning nominations for best documentary and cinematography for her documentary film ‘Jamaica Jamaica’. Her first solo show took place in Artifact Gallery, New York, at the start of the year, and she has been selected to show her work at The XI Florence Biennale in 2017.