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Asylum 12 August – 10 September | Undercroft Gallery, Norwich


sylum is an ambitious new independent group exhibition opening this August at Norwich’s Undercroft Gallery, in Norfolk.

Organised and curated by Russian artist Gennadiy Ivanonv, the show brings together over 20 artists, philosophers, singers, poets, and scientists who have been invited to create new works, both together and individually. Seven different labyrinthine Asylum rooms will act as ‘shelters’, each shelter given a different theme ranging from music and subculture, to pain, death and money. Each artist has chosen their

shelter, working collaboratively on the theme of asylum in their chosen media to the scale of their choice whether in painting, drawing, sculpture, film, sound or photography. Ivanonv intends to create an experience of synaesthesia through the exhibition, mixing art with graffiti artists, DJs, installation, video, light and sound. The exhibition asks the viewer to ponder questions of the world around us, and the effects of modern culture on our mental health, and ability to survive. Asylum opens at the Undercroft Gallery on 12th August 2016, running until 10th September.

Inside Artists | Issue 5  

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