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Frozen, 2014, inks and guache on paper, 30 x 40 cm



olish artist Gosia Poraj received her masters at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, specialising in printmaking. Now based in London, she works predominantly with painting, using coloured inks as her primary medium. Ephemeral and blurry recollections of landscapes drift into impressions and feelings; senses that Poraj lyrically translates into visual forms of shape and colour. During her painting process she employs deep observation in order to describe the surrounding world with the least amount of visual elements. This decluttering is reflected in the artist’s minimal style and her reluctance towards narratives, supported by a meticulous technique and highly original aesthetic. Poraj’s technique is strongly derived from her printmaking, seen through her confident use of

layering and blended colours. Because of the nature of the inks which leave no room for corrections, she is always planning ahead to the next layers throughout the whole process of creating an image. Philosophical explorations of the mechanisms of memory and dreams have also influenced Poraj’s work; just as dreams form as illogical and scattered visions, her paintings mirror this sense of the surreal. Her works appear collage-like, as if shown from different angles and dimensions without a distinct perspective. However while on the verge of being purely abstract, the root of inspiration is always clearly visible giving the viewer the ability to lead their way through the work. Poraj’s award-winning works have been exhibited in the UK and abroad.

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Art is like the pages of a book Whether the artist has created their own fantasy, drawn from their personal autobiography or left clues for...

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