Inside Artists | Issue 2

Page 40

40 | ARTIST PROFILES | holly Rozier


Unnatural Forms (series of 10), 2014, Textile Mixed Media, (Various Sizes) 20 x 20cm - 3 x 3 cm

ith the want for perfection placed in high regard within modern society, Holly Rozier’s work feels all the more poignant in its desire to equally repel the viewer as well as attract.

Poppy-red abrasions ooze from taught split seams with all of the glistening viscosity of bodily matter; however it is only on closer inspection that the true beauty of the shining glass beads and intricate crochet techniques which create this illusion can be appreciated. The fact that such luxurious and seemingly beautiful materials can cause such immediate repulsion is a poignant contradiction, and one that leads the viewer to contemplate the emotions that instigated their creation.


Using an intriguing mix of materials such as hessian sacking, nylon tights and rich, silky fabrics, Rozier creates visually arresting soft sculptures that see environments transformed into breeding grounds for mutated humanesque hybrids. Veined forms are manipulated, enlarged and exaggerated, appearing at once human and alien, organic and engineered, alive and dead. Although in reality there is little of true organic matter in Rozier’s sculptures, it is the immediate reaction of the viewer to feel repulsion as we are confronted with her striking, fleshy visions of bloody mortality.

Each cut and stitch is a conscious and controlled mark created by Rozier. They are wounds which she has created and repaired; each visible stitch evoking the memory of scars both physical and mental.

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