Inside Artists | Issue 2

Page 14


The Holiday, 2014, watercolour paint and ink pen on watercolour paper, 41 x 31 cm

Connected Planet, 2014, watercolour paint and ink pen on watercolour paper, 41 x 31 cm



ased overlooking the sea on the South Coast of England, the water is a constant presence and source of inspiration for mixed media artist Helen Wells, who takes elements from nature and blends them into beautifully intricate abstract works. Combining mediums such as ink and watercolour paint on paper, Wells works instinctively and intuitively, finding rhythms in her process while she paints. The repetitive flowing motion of her line and mark making mirror the patterns in nature which often act as a catalyst for new paintings; from the patterns of the water left in sand, to textures on shells and fossils, the structures of snowflakes and the marks on feathers and wings.

Utilising the transparency of her medium to create bright and clear other-worldly scenes, Wells builds up layers of colour and pattern, each one revealing elements of what lies underneath, before adding complex details in paint or ink. Wells’ artworks can be found in private collections all over the world from America to New Zealand, and having recently won Winsor and Newton’s Watercolour Revolution competition, her work Still Waters - a watercolour painting of an ornamental pond in St Leonards on Sea - was exhibited in The Saatchi Gallery, London.