Inside Artists - Issue 17

Page 14

14 EXHIBITIONS Chalton Gallery

Planet G, Svetlana Ochkovskaya

Chalton Gallery 96 Chalton Street, London, UK


halton is an art organisation comprising Chalton Gallery in London and Chalton Projects which, since 2012, has presented exhibitions and events in Mexico City in collaboration with private and public institutions, as well as organising artist residencies and collaborative projects between Mexican and British institutions.

Recent exhibition FOR/IN ITSELF, curated by Olga Tarasova, reflected on the interrelation of sense, space and perception within artistic practices; addressing the capability of the world to represent itself without being completely explicit, treating experience as an open totality of inexhaustible synthesis. The exhibition explored the experience of an I, not in the sense of an absolute subjectivity, but one that is being invisibly demolished and transformed.

The London Gallery opened in 2015 as a new site dedicated to staging relevant art exhibitions, interventions and events highlighting contemporary Mexican artists in the UK as well as supporting emerging British artists.

Artists Matilda Moors and Svetlana Ochkovskaya imagined the gallery space as a creature, morphing it into a body, with Ochkovskaya combining performance with installations to create environments inhabited with an inhuman