Inside Artists - Issue 16

Page 90

90 ARTIST PROFILE Anne-Sophie Øgaard

Untitled, 2019, sand, graphite, paint on canvas, 150 x 120 cm

Anne-Sophie Øgaard


orm is reduced to basic elements of structure, support, and material in Anne-Sophie Øgaard’s monochromatic textural works. Heavily influenced by Scandinavian architecture and her graphical background, the surfaces of her artworks are deconstructed and reconstructed; the final result going beyond the subjective form of the original image. As well as paint, the surfaces of Øgaard’s mixed media pieces are created with materials such as clay, sand, cement and plaster. She works mainly with large formats, embracing her self-imposed

limitations of colour by exploring the physical effects of light, and how it creates shapes within the composition. Øgaard lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, via Oslo, London and Paris, where she gained her Master’s degree in Visual Communication from Creapole ESDI. As well as exhibitions in Denmark and Norway, her work is found in private collections in Europe, Asia and the USA.

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