Inside Artists - Issue 16

Page 88

88 ARTIST PROFILE Maryam Radulescu

A Prayer, 2016, acrylic, oaper on canvas, 30 x 30 cm

Maryam Radulescu


istractions are stripped from Maryam Radulescu’s pure, simple and intently abstract pieces which place text at the fore. Using words she allows the viewer to arrive straight to the point of reflection; contemplating through the canvas on the universe that surrounds us. The artist’s body of work is a product of years of reflection, introspection and spirituality. Her process is always led from the heart, using a typewriter to create the poetic typographic elements which are complimented by strokes of

colour in oil – sometimes soft and deliberate, and other times intuitive and impasto. Each artwork is an invitation for the viewer to follow the journey of self-discovery and introspection by understanding a greater depth of our surroundings. Radulescu is based in Gangi, Italy. In 2017 she founded Aurilor Art / Design in an attempt to combine the arts with architecture, poetry and fine art. She is currently involved in a restoration project in Italy, where minimalist design meets stone structures and open spaces.

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