Inside Artists - Issue 16

Page 86

86 ARTIST PROFILE Ricky Leaver

Millennium Bridge, London, 2012, giclee print, 76 x 50 cm

River Cuckmere, Sussex, 2014, giclee print, 76 x 50 cm

Ricky Leaver


ondon and British landscapes are lovingly captured by photographer Ricky Leaver, creating a portrait of a country filled with contrasting environments. While London is portrayed through his lens as a vibrant and modern-yet-timeless metropolis, his country landscapes are slices of a wild and remote land; beautiful, rugged and dramatic, alternating between savage land and tranquil, bucolic countryside. Leaver’s process sees him seeking out sharp bold lines and curves, pronounced geometric shapes and vivid colour contrasts. Whether shooting within city architecture or amongst rural settings, his images are often textural in composition, and

sometimes verge towards abstraction with motionblurred shapes and alternative perspectives. Water is also a recurring theme, where fog settles over the Thames like a murky cloak, rain splashes down in melancholy drips, leaving roads and windows glistening, or sunlight winks upon the ripples of fountains, pools and rivers. In 2001 Leaver founded the Londontstills Picture Library, which supplies images of contemporary London for editorial, commercial and creative use worldwide. He exhibits regularly in the UK in group shows and often with Wandsworth Artists’ Open House.

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