Inside Artists - Issue 16

Page 75

Diana Cheren Nygren ARTIST INTERVIEW 75

Chicken Farm 3 (from the series American Idyll), 2017, digital pigment print, 50 x 63 cm

collecting art, and discussing art. All in all, I have done and continue to do an enormous amount of looking and analysing what I see and I am sure my sense of composition continues to evolve in the process. As a family, we love to travel. I am a visual person. For me, traveling means taking in the distinct visual character of the places I visit. I do some planning before I shoot, but not really around composition. I think composition needs to come out of an instinctive response to the location itself. Tell us more about your process; what draws you to a location, and how do you decide what to capture when there? Most of how I decide what to capture feels purely instinctive. I try to have a camera with

me as much as possible. As I move through a place, things just seem to call out that they want need to be captured. Occasionally I will notice a theme running through what I am shooting and will then dive deeper into that, seeking it out in more places. But the original impulse feels like a compulsion in response to what I see. I started shooting landscapes on family vacations. We try to travel regularly to new places, and everyone has become accustomed to having to slow down the pace while I process our environment through the camera. As I began to see myself more as a landscape photographer, be that landscape rural or urban, I started identifying places that I was passing through for their interest as subject matter, and then planning to return to those places solely to focus on photography. Ultimately, I have honed in on a

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