Inside Artists - Issue 16

Page 48

48 ARTIST INTERVIEW Stephen Wilson

High Hopes, 2018, mixed media, 36 x 36 cm

important aspect of my artwork. Infusing these two worlds creates pieces that would never have been designed with the traditional methods. For instance, I just bought a machine that has a cording capability so I can now infuse yarn and add even more dimensionality to my pieces. It really adds an incredible amount of depth to the boxes. It’s a challenge to represent the complexity of layers with photography — I really encourage visitors to the studio so that they can see the pieces for themselves. Can you tell us more about a particular piece of yours that has stood out, and why? I’m drawn to all of my designs, the newer ones will always grab my attention simply because it’s shiny and new and it’s always something I haven’t done before — seeing the design fail or succeed is part of the entire process. However,

my favourite designs include a lot of traditional techniques, there is an intense amount of history that comes with each of those methods and it is something that I can visually reflect on. Is there a piece you’re currently working on; do you have any upcoming exhibitions? There is always something I have in progress. My Modularity series has seen immense evolution recently — the fundamental concept remains, but the overall intent is being defined each and every day. I have several exhibitions this autumn - really looking forward to Aqua during Art Basel this year. I have a new series that is being outlined and I can’t wait to debut the new series.

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