Inside Artists - Issue 16

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40 ARTIST PROFILE Edith Torony

Edith Torony


amiliar artefacts emerge among the scattered debris and abstract marks which populate Edith Torony’s canvases, exploring memory, consumerism and superficiality. Her works are desolate spaces; invaded by everything we don’t need any more but which are not easily removed. Torony considers her process as a perpetual search; exploring ways in which she thinks differently as a ‘visual seeker’. Throughout her years as an artist she has experimented with various techniques; photography, digital manipulation and painting. Her canvases, which

Junkyard Symphony XIX, 2017, acrylic and spray on canvas, 150 x 200 cm

combine acrylic with spray paint, reconstruct the world, starting from a real place close to the artist; isolating everyday objects from their context and reducing everything else to what is essential. The result is collage-like pieces where the subject sits just as if it always belonged there – a recycle bin of memories. Based in Romania, Tonory has exhibited regularly since 2006 in group and solo shows. Since 2011 she has been a Member of the Fine Artists Union of Romania.

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