Inside Artists - Issue 16

Page 38



Tobbe Malm


very artwork that sculptor Tobbe Malm forges in iron tells a story; combining reflections of our time with memories from his childhood growing up in the mining industry of Norberg, Sweden. Using solid iron and recycled industrial materials, often together with found objects, he creates tender expressions of life in the form of animals, people and poetic abstract forms. His creative process sees him working intuitively and physically, using his whole body to bend the iron and weld it together. It is important for the artist to have himself fully present in the finished

piece. He is inspired by meeting people with full, lived lives, and the things in the world seen as less beautiful. Malm is now based in Bærums Verk, outside Oslo, where he has his workshop and is part owner of Gallery SOOT. His monument ‘Jernrosen’, which consists of 900 iron roses created by blacksmiths and artists around the world and created in memory of the victims of the July 22nd 2011 terrorist attack, will be placed outside of Oslo Cathedral this autumn.

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