Inside Artists - Issue 16

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28 ARTIST PROFILE Makotu Nakagawa

uro no ena - the remains of my father 3, 2018, photography - silver gelatin print, 58 x 48 cm

Makotu Nakagawa


he subject of death is often of particular interest and intrigue for artists, and for Japanese photographer Makotu Nakagawa it is something he approaches with particular intimacy and clarity; depicting his late father and his body through numerous stages of life, death and the spaces in-between. For almost a decade, since beginning his photography practice, Nakagawa’s father has been at the forefront of his work as he documented his relationship with the man born half a century before him. While it began as an escape from the anxiety of death – the

artist always being aware of his predecessor’s mortality - in time it turned into a means to accept and record the raw reality that was in front of him. His work is a delicate portrait of what is, what was and what will be. Nakagawa completed an aesthetic degree at Keio University in Tokyo, before pursuing photography at Tokyo College of Photography in Yokohama. His work has been shown internationally as part of group exhibitions in Barcelona, Monaco and New York, and at the Venice International Art Fair.