Inside Artists - Issue 16

Page 102

102 ARTIST INTERVIEW Fiona Scott-Wilson

Oriental Birds on Blossom, 2015, cut paper, 29 x 42 cm

What challenges are there working with paper in this way? Paper is a wonderfully flexible medium to work with. If you don't like something you have created it’s easy to fix it, either carefully removing bits or adding new paper on top. The challenge is keeping the paper clean, dry and free from glue marks, dust and hair! Finding the right glue that enables you to reposition shapes is also a critical factor! Painting accurately with a scalpel is definitely a challenge and patience is required! Is there a particular piece which has stood out to you, perhaps for its intricacy or subject matter? Every artwork that I create in cut paper has a special meaning for me because they are so labour intensive and take time and care to

create. One of my favourites would be, the “mice on raspberries” in my Fiona Scott-Wilson Gallery because I wanted to try to encapsulate an art and craft element, a twist on William Morris, who continues to influence my work, as well as Matisse. Recently you’ve been working on a new project, Art4Kids Gallery, can you tell us more about this and the idea behind it? is a new and very personal project that I have been working on recently. It was inspired by the birth of my delightful grandchildren. I wanted to create works of cut paper art especially for children that would excite and ignite their creativity, imagination, and sense of wonder about the living world, as well as becoming a treasured memory of their own

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