Inside Artists - Issue 14

Page 82


State Of Being, 2018, graphite and acrylic on canvas, 130 x 170 cm

Jessie Pitt


deep connection to her surroundings in Austria is at the heart of Jessie Pitt’s work, with the mountains providing constant inspiration for her distinctive artworks.

Her process sees her working predominantly on un-stretched canvas with graphite and acrylic, using texture as an integral part of the artwork to build more than just a portrait of the mountains, but rather a portrayal of the soul; of what is felt but not seen.

The artist’s love for – and extreme familiarity with – the landscape is clear; as she creates atmospheric works that transport the viewer to a new location, an atmospheric space to enter and experience. Originally from Australia, Pitt’s work has been included in many group shows across Europe and Australia, as well as solo shows in Austria.