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Gleaner Dreamer, 2018, oil on paper and canvas, 40 x 30 cm

Hamamah, 2018, oil on paper and canvas, 30 x 20 cm

Ezra Enzo


cross a myriad of media including painting, sculpture and photography, Ezra Enzo centres on questions of geology, boundaries, mapping, power, femininity,

and space.

While Enzo’s work has covered these several diverse topics, recently she has been focusing on issues of the environment and land; specifically in regards to its materiality and politics. Exploring both the physicality of nature as well as its relationship with the temporal, these ideas are particularly present in her site-specific ‘interventions’ which see the artist creating works

that dig directly into coastal earth and left to the effects of erosion from the sea and passersby. Both sculptural and performative in their execution, these works are created and also cease to exist within the space of the same day. Enzo is currently completing her degree in Fine Arts at Brown University while also studying film production and history in Copenhagen. This October will also see her releasing a documentary.

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