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No.5, 2016, 60 x 40 cm

Damoclese of the Big Blue, 2018 acrylic on canvas, 150 x 100 cm

Trevor Childs


lifetime spent observing and experiencing the interplay of nature and technology has been pivotal in Trevor Childs’ artistic practice, with the fusion of manmade and the natural acting as the underlying concept of his imagery. Articles in books and news items are collated to be used as reference and inspiration for new works, while the artist’s process for creating new work sees him incorporating a range of multimedia, from photography, print and paint to sculpture. Through amplified, altered and

saturated colours, heightened textures and abstract elements we are given a different viewpoint of nature to observe than what is usually seen. Through his artistic talent, Childs has created a body of work which showcases his relationship with environmental concerns. Based in the UK, Childs has won awards for his work, which have been exhibited around the world, with pieces held in corporate and private collections.

Inside Artists - Issue 13