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80 ARTIST SHOWCASE Miranda Trojanowska

Gold and Green, 2017, mixed media, 60 x 60 cm

Miranda Trojanowska


or Miranda Trojanowska - who took up painting following a career as a research scientist - the link between her academic training as a scientist and work as an artist is clear and not as contradictory as one may think, as both aim to achieve an understanding of the world. Much of Trojanowska’s process is a personal selfexploratory experience as her creative actions help in her understanding and expression of the world, while simultaneously conveying some of her scientific, artistic and emotional experiences to the viewer. Recently her work has been

informed by ideas of atoms; the fundamental building blocks of matter, life and form - created at the instant of the formation of the universe. For the artist abstract expressionism interprets the evolution into life itself over time and space through the physics of force and movement; the hue and colour of chemistry; leaving an imprint of instance. Favouring uncomplicated shades of bold primary colours, softly fading ombres and monochromes, each of the expressive visible brush marks are traces of the transfer of energy the artist experiences while painting.

Inside Artists - Issue 11  

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