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08 INTERVIEW Masayoshi Matsumoto

Masayoshi Matsumoto


ntriguing creatures great and small are formed from brightly coloured balloons, twisted together to create legs, wings and tentacles. They are the works of Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto, who faithfully recreates insects, birds, mammals and sea creatures from balloons in a variety of shapes. Matsumoto’s skills are clear to see, with each of his works made from all balloons only; adhesives, maker pens, sealants and the like are not used at all. While his choice of materials may appear to have a child-like undertone, it is difficult not to be impressed as a viewer, as we capture a glimpse of the artist’s vivid imagination and passion for the medium. When talking to Matsumoto about his work it is obvious there is no hidden agenda behind his intriguing artworks. His straightforward approach allows each piece to visually speak for itself.

Have you always worked with balloons in your work? How did you first begin creating with this medium? I create balloon art as a hobby; I am a chemical engineer by profession. I began eight years ago, and since I started I've been inclined to make lifelike balloon animals & insects; I've liked creatures since I was small. Why did you first start making balloon works? I thought it was interesting. There was no special reason.

What is your process when creating work? Does it start with a sketch or experimentation? In most cases, I make creations just by imagination. I rarely make a sketch. Have you found it necessary to develop your own techniques to create your sculptures, or do you use completely traditional methods? In most cases, I use a combination of traditional methods.

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