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68 ARTIST PROFILE Irina Neacsu

Irina Neacsu


fascination with botanical subjects has become a main theme for multi-discipline artist Irina Neacsu, whose work includes various projects, from painting and graphics, to applied art and interior design. Creating both abstract and figurative works, the artist focuses on portraying the beauty of flowers while also contemplating their ephemeral charm as a symbol of mortality. Her naturalistic paintings are born from intense observations of the flora, resulting in classical botanical illustration in watercolour, ink and graphic works and abstract and surrealistic oil painting.

Hydrangea, 2017, oil and mixed media on canvas, 120 x 160 cm

Furniture is another of Neacsu’s specialities, working on both old and new pieces, restoring them to include her artistic work in the form of textile collage and digital print. Neacsu is based in Romania where she also teaches art classes. Her recent exhibitions include a solo show of her paintings at Renaissance gallery in Bucharest, Romania, while her artist books were shown as part of exhibitions in Germany and the UK.

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