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66 ARTIST PROFILE Susan Greeff

Himba VIII (Tribal Life), 2016

Susan Greeff


ravelling South African photographer Susan Greeff’s work documents real people living across the planet, particularly using an outsider’s eye to capture a glimpse into tribal village living.

Greeff’s use of black and white photography is an important aspect of her practice, using the high contrast monochrome to depict the distinction between traditional and modern living. The black and white is also an expression of ideas of light and dark; as with our own lives we experience opposite forces positive and negative, shadow and light; and as the artist states ‘One cannot exist without the other’. Her experience

as a life coach seeps into her artistic work as she considers the ways in which photography is able to open up the viewer’s senses to new experiences, changing perceptions and liberating us from comfort zones. Having had several of her photographs nominated for both local and international photo competitions, Greeff also arranges photographic safaris for creatives.

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