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50 ARTIST PROFILE Diana Kirova

To be limited, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 80 cm

Diana Kirova


t is easy as a viewer to find oneself lost in Diana Kirova’s paintings; where aqua-marine oceans seamlessly meet endless crystal blue skies, the forms of ships emerging as though floating through space.

Her canvases are presented as spaces without limits, alive with emotional energy and instinct. By excluding any form of horizon in her paintings, Kirova’s abstracted vistas invite the viewer to experience a new sense of location; heightened by the partially constructed vessels which burst forth with movement and vitality.

Originally from Bulgaria, the artist is now based in Rome. Having a passion for painting since childhood, Kirova returned to the canvas in 2008, and has since exhibited regularly in group and solo shows, including Vernice Art Fair, XV Contemporary Art Fair of Forlì with Neo Art Gallery and a solo exhibition of work at Artheka 32 Gallery in Rome.

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