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44 ARTIST PROFILE Francesco Ruspoli

Francesco Ruspoli


symphony of striking colours lay thick upon Francesco Ruspoli’s canvas as he explores the dynamic frontier between abstraction and figuration, peeling back layers to find the essence of the image which may originate in ancient or classical art, dance or theatre. Through his paintings, Ruspoli’s message, theme and vision is to create an experience of emotional connection with the individual viewer in their specific space, allowing them the opportunity to create their own interpretations which become as equally valid as the artist’s. Each individual’s capacity for perception and invention is an uplifting stimulus to create new work.

NEW DEVELOPMENT, 2016, oil, 102 x 153 cm

Using his signature vibrant palette, organic shapes and forms often resembling human figures and nature in an abstract environment fill every inch of the artist’s canvases. He considers the act of viewing as entering into a relationship, a mutual encounter of the painting and the observer; something which is reflected in his visceral compositions. Born in Paris, Ruspoli now lives and works in Cardiff, Wales. Throughout his artistic career he has been recipient of a number of important awards and medals, and has exhibited throughout Europe as well as in the USA and China.

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