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Resonance of sound, 2016, light object, plexiglass, aluminium, 100 x 180 cm

Ašot Haas


asic shapes are repeatedly the catalyst to Ašot Haas’ sculptural works, often starting with a simple square or circle, looking within them to reveal the infinite possibilities of sequence and how it connects and contains everything around us. Working with materials such as Plexiglas, acrylic and aluminium, light itself is also an essential component to the artist’s work, using it as a medium during the creative process. By having his artworks radiate light directly, the viewer is able to connect with the piece without the outside influence of the surrounding area. Allowing the

viewer an opportunity to interact with the work, be it in a large or small way, is an important aspect of Haas’ process, as he strives to create works which communicates with his audience. Originally from Moscow, Haas is now based in Slovakia. He has exhibited in group and solo shows over the last decade, with two solo exhibitions this year in Slovakia.

Inside Artists - Issue 11  

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