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30 ARTIST PROFILE Stephen Hodgetts

Stephen Hodgetts


bstract photographer Stephen Hodgetts counts black and white films and television as one of his earliest influences. Rather than simply recording what he sees in front of him, his work is the result of a choreography of light, depth and composition to build a narrative; often capturing scenes from a new perspective. While many of his images are unplanned, observations of texture are a recurring theme throughout Hodgetts’ work. His use of monochrome heightens both the rough and the smooth of the captured scene, as form and light is focused on without the distraction of colour. The natural world is a constant draw for the photographer, who takes inspiration from natural seasonal light in locations such as the wild

Reed Bed (Scotland), 2015, traditional silver gelatin prints, 25 x 35 cm

landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and places where time appears to have stood still. Hodgetts' process sees him working with both digital and analogue formats; the use of both mediums allowing him the flexibility to adapt, creating a finished image which fits with his initial vision. Whether working digitally or with film, he prints all of his images using traditional darkroom methods. Recently the photographer has begun working with a more project-based approach, creating work in series such as with his ‘Tools of the Trade’ still-life project, which won him a portfolio award in the British Black & White Photography magazine.

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