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28 ARTIST PROFILE Hayley Reynolds

The Tribe, 2014, fresco-venetian plaster, 30 x 30 cm

Hayley Reynolds


n endless imagination is a powerful tool for Hayley Reynolds, who specialises in creating artworks and modern frescos using a variety of rarely seen techniques and materials. Venetian plaster, rust, corrosion and Verdigris patinas are all used to striking effect within her atmospheric artworks which depict scenes from nature as well as abstract compositions. Reynolds fittingly describes herself as an ‘Artistic Alchemist’; seen through her choice of materials as well as in her creative techniques, fusing together the likes of marble, lime and pigments through the process of carbonation, and using copper and iron products for their

transformative abilities through oxidisation, giving a rich depth of colour and texture to her work. Although also creating work with acrylic, watercolour, pen and ink, it is Reynold’s constant exploration and experimentation of materials and how they can be used within her work which makes her an exciting artist to watch. Based in Pershore in Worcestershire, her work has been sold internationally. Recent exhibitions include the New Artist Fair in London, and March 2018 will see her painting frescos live at London’s Talented Art Fair, as well as showing work.

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