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96 ARTIST PROFILE Stephan Reichmann

Im Garten Eden / Garden of Eden (detail), 2017, lacquer on acrylic glass, 97 x 117 cm

Stephan Reichmann


or Stephan Reichmann it is an important aspect of his practice that interpretation of his artworks is left free for the viewer; even leaving titles ambiguous and open for translation.

This sense of freedom carries through into his abstract expressionist works in paint, which are usually presented in series. Each canvas carries the marks of varied brushstrokes, layers of animated colour and nonfigurative formations of lines and splashes. Alongside his paintings Reichmann also creates three dimensional sculptural pieces and installations, usually created using old toys and

doll parts which have been modified with paint. Several years of extensive workings have led to two major large-scale installations, ‘Garden of Eden’ and the ‘Children’s Playgrounds’, which the artist is currently working on. Reichmann has exhibited regularly in his native Germany since 2013. He lives and works in Berlin and Leipzig.

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