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94 ARTIST PROFILE Michelle Hold

Emotional Shift, 2017 pigments, acylics on canvas 120 x 150 cm

Michelle Hold


eelings, emotions and the scarcity of beauty in current times inspire Michelle Hold to paint, creating abstract works which she hopes will hold a special connection with the viewer; a personal moment frozen in time where all is possible. Time spent studying architecture has influenced her construction methods, creating images with multiple layering, while her experience working in the textile industry has informed her equilibrated use of colour. Her paintings, which vary in size and scale, are created with what she describes

as ‘dance like gestures’. They are dramatic yet peaceful, loud and vibrant with space for quiet contemplation. They are the artist’s visual representation of the invisible, eternal energy that pervades in the universe. Born in Germany but now based creating work in Italy, Hold has exhibited solo shows throughout Europe, and has participated in international art fairs in Miami, Athens, Milan and Berlin as well as group shows worldwide.

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