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90 ARTIST PROFILE Drew Whitemore

Drew Whitemore


Genesis 1:The Matador, 2014, drillwork aluminium panel, paint and lacquered, led's, 95 x 120 cm

t first glance, Drew Whitemore’s large scale artworks may appear imposing and industrial; a portrait of man and machine. However as we consider further the symbolic quality of what he presents, it is clear there is no source of hope greater than the light, and each piece is a personal search by the artist for beauty and illumination in a complex world.

thin sheet of material substrate. Before adding back lighting he often finishes the works by burning and waxing, painting, lacquering or applying liquid metal coatings. The final result is a beautiful illumination; a source of light in a dark place which sees brightness seeping out of every drill hole to project the artist's vision into the world.

Created using a technique the artist developed himself, each piece is made from thousands of holes which have been hand-drilled through a

The award winning artist is based in Suffolk, where he creates his unique work.

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