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82 ARTIST PROFILE Lola Donoghue

Lola Donoghue


haracterised by a predominantly white-on-white palette layered with a mix of muted colours and splashes of bright neon, Lola Donoghue’s paintings are personal reflections and interpretations on the social milieu. There is a beautiful visual softness to each canvas, created with an inherent sensitivity that projects a feeling of serenity onto the world. Through her work Donoghue explores everyday contemporary culture and society, using paint to represent the unseen internal emotions. For both artist and viewer the negative space of the paintings can be just as important as the positive, with details hidden amongst the subtle, delicate washes that that draw the eye and hint at the exploration

Heirloom #26, 2017, oil on canvas, 127 x 183 cm

of the unconscious. Donoghue describes her practice as a ‘subtractive process’; starting with colour and bold, vigorous brushstrokes with muted tones and finer detail slowly added. Working backwards with both thick and transparent layers allows the foundation colours to shine through, while accidents during painting are embraced by the artist, often allowing them to dictate the direction of the painting. Based in Galway in the West of Ireland, Donoghue graduated at the top of her class with a first class honours degree in Fine Art from Limerick School of Art and Design. Her work is held in private collections all over the world.

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