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80 ARTIST PROFILE Cynli Sugita

no.488 girl, 2017, digital photomontage, 11 x 15 cm

Cynli Sugita


ollage and digital montage artist Cynli Sugita uses her online blog as a platform for sharing her artworks, which reflect on each passing day as part of a 1,000 piece project.

aim is to create a new harmony that builds upon the original energy of the images. The changing seasons of the natural world – which is also one of her sources of inspiration - is also reflected in her works, as the series changes with the passing of time.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, her works are inspired by various daily experiences and emotions; moments that may appear mundane but hold a place in the artist’s memory.

This year Sugita has shown work in the UK in two group exhibitions in London and Carlisle.

Her ethereal photomontage works are created digitally using old photographic images. Her

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