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72 INTERVIEW Kyle Skor

Kyle Skor


merican artist Kyle Skor creates dreamlike storybook canvases filled with symbolic talismans and enigmatic narratives. His childhood growing up in the prairie snows and forests of the upper Midwest seeps into his works, as well as time spent skipping class at Harvard to read poetry and visit the museums of Boston. His paintings are playful and unexpected, giving the viewer the opportunity to escape the norms of reality in their everyday surroundings. Skor is represented by Ying Gallery in Asia, and Beijing has been host to a number of solo and group exhibitions for the artist. Your paintings often appear to tell a story; do you ever write a narrative before putting paint to page? They do appear that way, but not in the kind of traditional sense where I have some ultimate, clear script with a set of actors meant to play predictable roles. I've a basic vocabulary of forms, characters, interactions, and moods that collectively serve as a kind of conversational catalyst. Rather than tales with established endings, lessons, and morals, I'd like my paintings to serve as springboards for daydreaming and further inquiry.

Your path to becoming an artist didn’t come through the traditional route of art school; how do you think, if at all, your previous studies have influenced your work? My prior work took the form of doctoral studies in human development at Harvard directly after my undergraduate work. While I would never want to go back and continue my studies there, I think the hypotheses or propositions I examine in my current work are extensions of the kind of rigorous thinking and research methodology honed back then. Just as strongly, it's impossible for me to consider making a painting if it doesn't in some

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