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70 ARTIST PROFILE Alison Johnson

Blue Crash, 2016, copper leaf and oil on canvas, 80 x 120 cm

Alison Johnson


he atmospheric paintings of Alison Johnson are a powerful expression of light and dark as she portrays the sublime and mysteriously surreal side to the natural world.

Working in oil, her paintings are dramatic abstractions that beautifully portray the atmosphere and emotion of a place, be it a wild coastline, an imagined seascape or a faraway landscape sweeping beneath an infinite sky. Flashes of piercing light emerge from behind dark and brooding forms of colour as the artist creates a sense of movement, revealing shapes

the viewer may recognise as waves or clouds while being captivated by their dreamy, abstract quality. Based in Warickshire, Johnson works from her studio in Coventry and has exhibited across the UK including Brighton, London, Chester, Wales, Yorkshire, and various Galleries in the Midlands. Her work has also reached international scale with work hanging in Italy, America, France, and the Middle East. alisonjohnsonartist

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