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62 ARTIST PROFILE Jane Gottlieb

Jane Gottlieb


ane Gottlieb’s fascinating artistic career has spanned across 4 decades, adapting and evolving with new technologies and advances in technique while remaining true to her extreme colour aesthetic. Long before Photoshop Gottlieb began altering images, using her skills as a painter as well as a photographer to begin hand colouring Cibachrome prints with layers of retouching dyes. In this way she was able to express her new version of reality, saturated with vivid fantasy-world colours. The past 25 years have seen the artist scanning her one-of-a-kind hand painted prints along with her library of 35mm Kodachrome colour transparencies taken over her lifetime, which she now paints, collages and enhances using

Brancusi Head, 2017, 76 x 101 cm

Photoshop; creating extensions of her own idyllic world and using colour to evoke mood enhancing emotions within the viewer. Gottlieb considers paint, shapes and colours as a way of expressing her ‘joy of art’. Based in Santa Barbara, California, she has participated in countless group exhibits, Art Fairs and solo shows around the world over the last 30 years, and has work collected by museums, foundations, corporations and individuals worldwide. Recently she has had work installed in many public spaces, including large artworks on aluminium at the UCLA Young Graduate Library.

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