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Longing, 2012, mixed media on paper, 65 x 90 cm

Sooeun Baik


magined landscapes are explored in paint across Sooeun Baik’s canvases, as she establishes inspirational environments rich in the joy of creation and discovery. It is easy to get lost within the details of her works; as different brush techniques, colours and textures open up new areas of exploration for the viewer.

microcosms of wonder and emotion; a place where her internal and external worlds relate and intertwine.

Within her paintings Baik mirrors aspects of the natural world, although through abstraction of perspective, form and tone the places she presents are heightened above reality. They are

Originally from Seoul, Korea, Baik now lives and works in London where she completed both her BA and MA in fine art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, and exhibits regularly.

Inside artists - issue 10  

Sometimes a certain place can take hold of us, stirring emotions as we connect with our surroundings. But how would you describe this place...