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56 ARTIST PROFILE Alfred Huckett

Cruciform, 1996, watercolour collage, 44 x 30 cm

Differences, 1996, pen and watercolour, 45 x 31 cm

Alfred Huckett


hemes of identity and gender run through Alfred Huckett’s works from the mid-90s, which were born from a background in theatre design and above all a desire to express a hidden part of himself in paint – his transvestism. The artist’s upcoming joint exhibition ‘Hidden Messages’ with Anita Ford at the Menier Gallery, London, will see some of these paintings and collages exhibited for the first time. Alongside these archive pieces Huckett has created works on larger canvases in mixed

media for the show, which continue to explore ideas of dress. His interest in the way garments can affect the substance and identity of a person, through concealment, isolation and transformation has led to these expressive pieces. His paintings are a way of creating an open dialogue, but there is also a degree of playful humour in the works as he visually translates the fun of dressing up; of transforming and changing style.

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