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Anita Ford


It’s There When You Need It 6, 2016, silkscreen monoprint, 35 x 48 cm

ighly personal experiences are shared and reflected upon in Anita Ford’s powerful mixed media works, as she deals with the adversities and joys of life through art. She confronts her misfortunes head-on, challenging her situation with a mixture of displeasure, indignation and a large dose of grim humour.

laminating and finally drawing detail with a graphite pencil.

This autumn sees the artist showing work as part of a joint exhibition with Alfred Huckett entitled ‘Hidden Messages’. The pieces which form the show are presented in a variety of media including drawing, photography and printmaking. Her ‘Paper Drawings’ use the paper itself as a drawing medium, and see her ripping,

While Ford’s works may be specific to her own struggles, she creates with the knowledge that the viewer may relate to similar issues, but may not have the means to express themselves.

The show will also feature sculptural works, including pieces from the ‘Talisman’ series. These small resin figures are engaged with her fight with Cholangiocarcinoma, and are presented as decorative necklaces and brooches, with the intention of adding an extra disturbing dimension.

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