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50 ARTIST PROFILE Isabelle Pelletane

Boraly, 2017 acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm

Isabelle Pelletane


nternal landscapes are represented in splashes of acrylic in Isabelle Pelletane’s dynamic works, where abstract visions of brightly coloured flora convey her resolutely optimistic vision of a world where man and nature could live in perfect harmony.

Pelletane puts her whole self into her painting. It is an instinctive, physical and energetic process which sees her exploding colours on her canvas, releasing them as a continuation of herself. From this frenetic expression her abstract representations of organic forms are born; flowers in hues of pinks and reds, swirls and accents of

yellow and sky blue, and sprawling drips in moss green that spread across the canvas in leafy formations. Originally from the Paris area of France, Pelletane now lives and works in Poitiers. Last year she participated in an artist residency in Venice, Italy, and her work has been exhibited throughout Europe and China including several art fairs in France.

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