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38 ARTIST PROFILE Maria Aparici

Donald Trump, 2016 oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm

Maria Aparici


panish artist Maria Aparici navigates the modern world in paint, reflecting on recent increases in terrorism, the war in the Middle East and the refugee crisis and choosing to depict them with an attitude of positivity as she points out the negative. She considers the making of art to be a powerful form of communication, expressing the nature of the human condition.

truthfulness and an autobiographical honesty as she frames the current moment both in her own life and in the world. Her portraits of political figures, film stars and loved ones sit beside canvases formed from true emotion.

Aparici constantly takes creative risks in her practice as a Figurative Expressionist. She paints portraits, animals and women, depicted with

Recent exhibitions have seen the artist’s work shown in India, Italy and the UK, as well as Spain where she has had pieces in both group and solo shows.

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