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36 ARTIST PROFILE Matteo Varsi

graffity 33, 2017, composition of 4 images, each 8.5 x 10.7 cm

Matteo Varsi


xpired Polaroid film and pinhole cameras are Matteo Varsi’s primary tools of investigation as he navigates the world through his analogue lens, capturing instances of human connections to nature. The absence of modern equipment in his work has resulted in an utterly beautiful, haunting collection of photographic images from the artist.

time are delicately captured on film, becoming fragile artefacts that have an almost temporal quality visually - as if the image could slip or fade from the frame at any moment.

Varsi’s work explores the shades, colours and sensations of his natural surroundings which are central to his practice. The human subjects of his photographs interact with the environment, looking for their own personal way to stay in contact with nature. Fleeting, intimate moments of

Based in Levanto, Italy, Varsi’s work has been exhibited at events such as the Festival of Photography in Rome and the Photo Festival in Milan.

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