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Meng Zhou


hrough his multi-discipline practice which spans painting, sculpture, installation and film, Meng Zhou investigates personal dream-world spaces of the mind; re-enacting narratives charged with poetic allusions to being. His work merges and transforms traditional Chinese symbolism and imagery with Western styles and techniques, and it is this conversation between tradition and modernity which is at the heart of his practice. Time spent producing work as an artist in both China and in Europe has influenced the way Zhou creates new pieces both conceptually and in terms of his techniques, which tie together the experiences of both places. The use of ink in his works on paper is an important aspect as he engages in methods of layering, dripping

Anonym 2, 2017, mix media, 100 x 120 cm

and mixing; embracing the iridescent qualities of the material. Twisted bodies emerge from the dispersing pigments, and while these works may seem figurative in parts his subjects are always born out of fiction and composites drawn from a combination of dreamscapes, collected images and anatomical research. Now based in London, Zhou is currently completing an MA in Moving Image at Royal College of Arts. This year amongst his solo and group shows he has exhibited his solo show ‘Overtone’, which was part of Art Night, and this autumn will see his work exhibited as part of the Florence Art Biennale 2017.

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