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18 INTERVIEW Senem Oezdogan

Senem Oezdogan


he city of New York seeps into Senem Oezdogan’s architecture inspired artworks as she visually reworks the sense of place, inviting the viewer to observe the world through form and colour. Taking the form of woven fibre pieces, paintings and works on paper, the artworks explore depth, flatness, tension and structure through geometry, straight edges and solid shapes. The emotions evoked through each artwork is a key aspect of Oezdogan’s practice, and informs everything from composition to material choices, such as cotton and silk on wood panels, selected for their accessible and tactile qualities, combining them into compositions that are complete and harmonious. Repetition is a strong theme in the artist’s work, as she revisits familiar motifs and investigates the emotional depths these basic shapes and forms can open up.

Can you tell us more about your practice and your process for new work? Before I get started on new work there is always a period where I create a lot of studies. I make drawings and collages with torn and cut-out paper to create relationships in colour and form. When the relationship of elements becomes more than the individual parts, and the shapes move across the surface, everything finds its place. Once I move to the canvas I usually have a clear idea about how I want to place elements and the colours I’m going to use. The sketches and collages are very loose and I leave a lot of room

for experimentation. Working on the canvas is the opposite—it is a very controlled environment. Tell us about your artistic journey since studying at Fashion Institute of Technology; have you always worked with the mediums you use now? What has changed about your work in the last few years? I always liked fibre art and weaving but wasn’t really interested in working on a loom. I worked on a series of paper weavings and really enjoyed the process of combining different materials. When I wanted to go up in scale I needed stronger materials and started including

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