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The Custodian

Barry McGlashan: The Glass Mountain 6 - 30 September 2017 | The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh


he Scottish Gallery is host to Aberdeen artist Barry McGlashan’s latest solo show ‘The Glass Mountain’ this autumn. The exhibition will showcase an exciting body of work from the artist, with highly detailed canvases filled with expansive imagined landscapes which draw on the idea of Weltlandschaft or ‘World Landscape’. Paintings in the exhibition include ‘The Custodian’, a piece rich with symbolism which attempts to preserve moments of otherwise forgotten culture, referencing items and artefacts

from throughout history. ‘Weltlandschaft’ takes inspiration from 15th Century Flemish artist Joachim Patinir and his unusually high horizon lines. As the world appears to vanish into the distance the viewer is left to contemplate the undiscovered lands beyond. Fields, oceans, treetops, caves and, of course, mountains fill McGlashan’s canvases giving us an elevated experience with a creator’s eye view. As the artist explains, ‘We don’t just look at the picture: we need to read it, to take our time, exploring the landscape of the painted surface and discovering what there is to be found’.

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