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DONUT in space, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 cm

reating work under the moniker hERO, Helen Roowalla’s visual style is characterised by bold lines and bright colours. Currently based back in her native Switzerland - having spent time living in the United States where she moved to complete her education - she has been actively painting since 2009, developing her signature pop art style over the years while embracing acrylic as her medium of choice. Drawing inspiration from a variety of life experiences,

such as her heritage, her travels, animals and nature, hERO paints in acrylic on canvas as well as on unusual surfaces such as mannequins and shoes, using curved, almost cartoon-like lines with colourful shapes full of movement. This year hERO has exhibited across Switzerland as well as Los Angeles, New York and Paris.

Inside artists - issue 10  

Sometimes a certain place can take hold of us, stirring emotions as we connect with our surroundings. But how would you describe this place...