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100 ARTIST PROFILE Caroline Hall

Blue Sky Surf Day, 2017, oil and drill on aluminium, 50 x 100 cm

Caroline Hall


overing between figurative and abstract, Caroline Hall’s seascapes on her trademark aluminium sing with colour, light and movement. Her spontaneous painting style allows each work to glow with a loose, atmospheric freedom, taking inspiration from vistas such as the sea around Jersey where she grew up and the countryside in Hampshire where she now lives. The metal on which she paints is an integral part of the work, as her process sees her sanding, scratching and drilling into the surface; using colour, mark and material to recreate a sense of place and the feelings it evoked.

This year has been a particular highlight for the artist, with shows at Liberty in London and CCA Galleries International in Jersey, and a major retrospective spanning a decade of painting at one of the UK’s most prestigious public art galleries. Her paintings are with galleries in London as well as part of collections worldwide, and this autumn she will be showing work at The Other Art Fair and the Affordable Art Fair in London.

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