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passengers will travel again

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85 Destinations 5


225 years

42,000 passengers in 2012

Unique reasons to travel with us.


New Core Values: • • • • • •

Passion Enthusiasm Responsible Fun Knowledge Togetherness

The UA Product test: • • • • • •

Fun Local Accessible Value Original Remember

Witty, cheeky, bold

Our facts are fun


We have fun

Our tours are fun

Our passengers have fun

We don’t  make   fun of others

We have fun when communicating

Fun is at the core of our experiences

We make local sales The UAPs and guides are passionate locals We have the best local knowledge

Local tourism bodies seek us out to display the best of the destination


We care about the people and environment in our destination We are the backstage pass to the destination

People can call us locally

People search for us locally

In English-speaking destinations our tours are interesting to locals

Book where you want, we have a great range of destinations

Our local knowledge gets us access to places you can’t find  by  yourself

One point of contact, one point of billing distributors


Book when you want – early, late, last minute

Book how you want – web, phone, mobile, at the start point, with your agent or favourite OTA

Small groups mean we can go where  others  can’t

We respond quickly to requests and bookings; free sell

We have a money back guarantee and we make up for our errors

Our trips are competitively priced

We know the best value in town and pass this on to our customers

Value We go the extra mile as customer service experts

We add value through our knowledge

Our trip is the best thing you will do in the destination • 40% of value is given in the itinerary delivery • 30% in finding out customer’s personal interests and matching those to the destination • 30% is in recommending the next destination and making it easy to book

We are flattered by imitators, but never ever copy ourselves We only use an umbrella in the rain

We never have big groups


Our tours touch the soul of the destination

Our tours are unique Our tours are different Our tours are authentic

We swim in the fun, not drown in the facts and figures

The stories we tell are re-told at dinner parties around the world Our experiences are unforgettable

We remember to ask for reviews


We remember to sell the destination down the line

Once a passenger knows us once, they always come back to us. We remember to collect passenger details.

Our tour is the lasting memory of the destination visit

Successful businesses P





T Without exception – success occurs where these two concepts intersect

Urban Adventures Core Values  

Some of the best tours in Lisbon

Urban Adventures Core Values  

Some of the best tours in Lisbon