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WELCOME TO THE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF MONACO Experience Monaco where business is a way of life The Principality of Monaco is renowned for its highly varied, internaonal populaon with more than 100 naonalies represented. It provides the ideal backdrop for students to learn and grow in a truly mulcultural environment, inside and outside the classroom. Business is a way of life here, and the Principality boasts one of the highest GNP per capita in the world.

There are more than 4600 companies, of which many are subsidiaries of internaonal companies. Low taxaon encourages entrepreneurship and business development, especially in sectors such as banking, finance, engineering, tourism, and services. In Monaco you can start making connecons and build up your business straight away, both within the University and in the business community which is right at your doorstep.

“An MBA should not create clones ... it should show students, lucky enough to parcipate, that the world is yours and you can decide what to do with it” Vladiano Varnier, Italian, MBA 2003

A diversified economy 42%

4% 7%


10% 26%

Internaonal Trade (42%) Other Services (26%) Retail Trade (10%)


Industry (7%) Construcon & Real Estate (7%) Hotel Industry (4%)

Be part of one of the most unique universities in the world The Internaonal University of Monaco is an internaonal instuon dedicated to educang business leaders through programs based on a global focus, entrepreneurial spirit and a humanisc approach. It is recognized as one of the pioneers and leading specialists in graduate educaon worldwide.

The learning process at IUM is based on a highly demanding and rigorous approach, as well as listening and acve learning parcipaon. This approach contributes to make the University a place of intellectual and praccal exchanges of the highest level.

We encourage our graduate students to go beyond the theories and data taught in the lecture hall, by using the skills learnt in real world situaons.

“The social life in Monaco is fantasc, where else in the world can you network with so many powerful and interesng people? The University and Student Associaon always promote social events in order to integrate and strengthen the friendship between students.� Paulo H.A. Santos, Brazilian, MBA 2008



A word from the program director Opng to pursue an MBA is a major decision in your life. Selecng the right one for you is even more of a challenge. Your choice now can make all the difference to your personal growth and professional success in the years ahead. There are hundreds of business schools around the world offering an MBA, and dozens of excellent programs in Europe. How to choose? To truly answer this, think less about the school, and more about yourself: what do YOU want to get out of the MBA? If it’s just the acquision of basic business skills along with a diploma to prove it, then just about any program will do. If, on the other hand, you want to challenge yourself in an intensive 10-month program, and emerge enriched with new skills, perspecves, and contacts, then you should consider the MonacoMBA. Set in the unparalleled and internaonal environment of the Principality of Monaco, the MonacoMBA stands apart from all the others. Driven by a global vision and an entrepreneurial spirit, each year the MonacoMBA aracts a select and diverse student body from around the world, and enjoys one of the highest placement rates upon graduaon of any MBA program. Thanks to its internaonally recognized faculty; exceponally mulcultural environment; Mentorship Program; and ongoing opportunies to meet with entrepreneurs and leaders from various fields, you will emerge with far more than a diploma. You will have a life-changing learning and networking experience. 4

The AMBA accredited MonacoMBA has been in The Economist’s Top 100 Global MBA programs for the past seven consecuve years; this year it is ranked 51st in the world, CNN Expansion ranks it 52nd worldwide. Now celebrang more than 20 years of success, let the MonacoMBA help you build yours! Dr. Marika Taishoff Program Director

Why an MBA at IUM? From its very beginning, more than the 20 years ago, the MonacoMBA has been unlike any other. Driven by a global vision and an entrepreneurial spirit, the MonacoMBA has for years now been an internaonally top ranked and AMBA accredited program. Aracng a select and diverse student body from around the world, it enjoys one of the highest placement rates upon graduaon of any MBA program! Come and broaden your perspecves thanks to a dynamic learning approach, an exceponally mulcultural environment, and mentoring and ongoing networking opportunies with leaders from the fields of finance, luxury and internaonal management.

Marika Taishoff, PhD. Prior to becoming Director of the MonacoMBA and Professor of Markeng and Strategy, Dr. Taishoff was Associate Director of the Masters in Luxury Goods and Services at IUM. She has also worked at such leading European business schools as IMD (Internaonal Instute for Management Development) in Lausanne, Switzerland; Imperial College Management School of the University of London; and SDA Bocconi in Milan, Italy. In addion to her academic background, Dr. Taishoff has also been an independent consultant, focusing in the fields of strategic markeng, customer orientaon, and leadership development, with corporate clients in Europe, Turkey, and the US. Marika has published two books—one on internaonal markeng and internaonal law, the other on compeng through services—and numerous case studies, primarily in the field of customer-focused transformaon. Seven of these case studies have won awards from Business Week/European Case Clearing House and from the European Foundaon for Management Development. Dr. Taishoff ’s arcles have been published in leading journals, and she is a member of the Editorial Board of MIT’s Journal of Enterprise Transformaon. She is a “phi beta kappa” and Magna cum Laude graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University, and the Instut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internaonales of the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

The MonacoMBA is unique in many ways:


Internaonally Recognized and Top Ranked

- The MonacoMBA is an accredited, internaonally recognized and globally top ranked program located in the Principality of Monaco. - For the past seven years it has featured in The Economist’s Top 100 MBA Programs Worldwide.


Unique Mulcultural Environment


Unique Faculty, and Faculty to Student Rao

- The intensive, ten-month program combines theory and pracce in a unique mulcultural environment with one of the most internaonally diverse student bodies of any MBA program. - Monaco itself is home to 4600 companies and over one hundred different naonalies

- The high faculty to student rao ensures individual and ongoing aenon, mentoring and feedback. - Full-me faculty, 90% of whom hold PhDs, come from around the world; adjunct faculty are renowned professionals in their disciplines and industries.


Unique Curriculum and Teaching Philosophy

- The MonacoMBA delivers a solid, integrated and muldisciplinary curriculum designed around general an devolving management theory and pracce through the use of lectures, readings, case studies and business simulaons. - The applied and praccal focus of the MonacoMBA is further enhanced through Consulng Projects with the many local and

internaonal companies acve in the region. - Unique elecve specializaon courses are offered in Applied Finance, Luxury Management, and Internaonal Management— acvies that are characterisc of the Monegasque economy.

P Unique Approach to Professional Development and Career Services

- The Management Assessment Center, together with ongoing courses in Managerial Experse, enable students to beer understand their professional profiles and so facilitate the job search process. - A personalized coaching approach coordinated by Career Services, leadership coaches, and relevant faculty is developed to assist MonacoMBA students reach their full potenal. -The MonacoMBA has an exceponally high placement rate upon graduaon.

P Unique Experience: Inside and Outside the Classroom

- Numerous conferences and networking events are held throughout the year, as are class visits to companies in European cies noted for their experse and talent in the areas of finance, industry, and luxury. - The unique MonacoMBA Mentorship Program links you to top execuves, leaders and entrepreneurs in the disciplines and industries that interest you.


PROGRAM DESIGN The Master of Business Administration (MonacoMBA) is a 10-month program, 69-credit degree completed in three terms. The Common Core (42 credits) All MonacoMBA students complete the common core. This compulsory 42-credit foundaon sequence teaches students to master the crical theories of management and pracce, and enhances students’ thinking, analycal, and problem-solving skills. This required program of study immerses students in the dovetailing issues and challenges of the global business environment; integrates mastery of general management concepts and skills with a subtle appreciaon of the external factors affecng the modern firm; and movates students to engage with the real world by applying key business disciplines. Common core courses integrate lectures, case studies, and praccal research in order to cerfy that students understand the fundamental managerial factors of modern business.

Specializaon Courses (18 credits) MonacoMBA students may complete six specializaon courses for a total of 18 credits. The MonacoMBA offers three specializaon opons: 1. Internaonal Management 2. Luxury Management 3. Applied Finance


Specializaon courses are offered beginning in the second term, once MonacoMBA students have acquired the common tools and skill-sets of effecve management in any environment.

Managerial Expertise, Professional Development & Career Planning Unit (9 credits) Today the soer facets of management such as self awareness, centered leadership, and communicaon are as important as the hard skills. The MonacoMBA, supported by its Assessment Center, includes several courses to develop and hone these skills. The Office of Career Development and Corporate Relaons assists students in leveraging their unique professional and personal abilies, and guides them in their pursuit of a successful career. Students work with the Office of Career Development and the Assessment Center throughout the program to fulfill IUM’s commitment to realizing their career potenal especially through career and personal development sessions.

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

The Common Core

The Common Core

The Common Core

Financial Accounng, Reporng, and Control

Compeveness - Microeconomic Perspecve

Compeveness - Global Strategy

Budgeng & Cost Analysis

Corporate Finance

Supply Chain Management

Organizaonal Behavior and Cross-Cultural Management

Financial Markets Corporate Governance & Business Law

Data & Models Compeveness - Economic Analysis

Corporate Projects

Markeng Management Customer Relaonship Management

Applied Finance Electives*

Applied Finance Electives*

Internaonal Taxaon Real Estate Invesng Hedge Funds & Fund of Funds Management

Corporate Governance & Market Regulations Ethics in Finance Mergers & Acquisions Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial Finance

International Management Electives*

International Management Electives*

Corporate Social Responsibility International Economics Global Policy & Sustainability

Management & Leadership The Economics of Development Country Risk Analysis

Luxury Electives*

Luxury Electives*

Luxury Consumer Behavior Luxury Distribuon e-Luxury

Managing Luxury Brands Luxury Communicaon & Media Planning Luxury Product Design & Development

Career & Personal Development Program Emoonal Intelligence & Presentaon skills, Communicaon & Teamworks, Mentorship Program, Assessment Center

Teaching philosophy Aending the MonacoMBA program will help you learn, grow, network, and succeed. The teaching philosophy behind the program aims to reinforce these objecves.

Learn Three integrated elements form the foundaon of the MonacoMBA teaching philosophy: a rigorous approach to understanding and applying the established, and evolving, theories and tools of management; an underlying appreciaon of the importance not only of “hard” managerial skills, but also of the so skills demonstrated through team work, leadership, communicaon, and self-awareness; and the creaon of a dynamic, interacve and hands-on learning environment driven by class discussion, debate and interrogaon through the use of case studies, business simulaon games, and the Corporate Projects Program.

Grow Two complementary acvies, led by IUM’s Career Services Department, run parallel to the teaching program. The Personal Development Program and its Managerial

Assessment Center help you idenfy and build on your strengths, while being aware of areas of your personality profile which need aenon and amelioraon; improve your self-selling techniques; and prepares you for the job interview process.

Network The Corporate Projects Program is a unique addion to the curriculum. Once students have acquired the fundamental tools of management, they are challenged to begin to apply them, outside of the classroom, in actual corporate sengs. Corporaons from a wide range of sectors parcipate in the IUM Corporate Projects Program, giving MonacoMBA students the opportunity not only to work closely with top management of these companies in resolving problems and idenfying opportunies, but to also further build and enhance their network of professional contacts. The Corporate Project Program is not only an integral part of the course load, it also es together the disnct elements: hard skills, so skills, and applied learning.

* MonacoMBA students may choose to follow an elecve specializaon either in Applied Finance, Luxury, or Internaonal Management. In order to have their specializaons menoned on their diplomas, they must take ALL six elecves in that specializaon. Students who prefer to follow an assortment of elecves across the categories may also do so, and their diplomas will not menon any specializaon.



Organizaonal Behavior and Cross-Cultural Management

The aim of the Corporate Projects is to expose students to the realies of working in selected teams on actual issues, challenges, problemacs or growth opportunies confronng companies today. We intenonally invite a wide selecon of companies from all sectors and of all sizes to parcipate in this program. Students, working closely with the point of contact within the company, will have to analyze the situaon, embark on relevant research, assess pros and cons, and present and substanate their recommendaons to the company. Groups will be graded by faculty, the MonacoMBA program director, and senior management of the company. Examples include market entry and development strategies for different regions, growth and M&A alternaves, global supply chain and logiscs decisions.

This course focuses on the variables that affect behavior at the individual level and then goes on to a thorough examinaon of the foundaons of group dynamics – all within the organizaonal context. Students will learn how leadership, power, polics, conflicts, and culture can affect behavior and their implicaons for performance and sasfacon. They will also develop the ability to recognize the influence of these factors on organizaonal system-level variables.

Financial Markets This course introduces the fundamentals and workings of financial products and financial markets; the mathemacs of the markets; and the vocabulary, parcipants, and technologies that make these markets work. Case study discussions are an integral part of the course. Students will learn to develop an awareness and understanding of current market condions; interconnecons between the stock, bond, derivaves, and foreign exchange markets; and the impact and relevance of current economic and geopolical events.


Corporate Finance This course examines the role of finance in supporng the funconal areas of a firm and fosters an understanding of how financial decisions themselves can create value. Topics covered include basic analycal skills and principles of corporate finance; funcons of modern capital markets and financial instuons; and standard techniques of analysis, including capital budgeng, discounted cash flow valuaon, and risk analysis. Students will learn methods for reviewing the range of issues confronng a corporaon as it determines the role of financing in the enterprise such as financial analysis, capital budgeng, capital structure, and cost of capital.

Combining academic rigor & practical learning By combining the best of American and European educaonal models, the MonacoMBA seeks to produce innovave and imaginave managers who are well-prepared to meet the challenges of global business environments. In acknowledging the unique nature of its mulcultural student body, the program recognizes the importance of meeng the ever-changing needs of modern business students through small class sizes, personalized aenon, and adherence to rigorous academic standards. Ulizing this approach, the MonacoMBA seeks to provide a fundamental understanding of business from the

Budgeng and Cost Analysis The course inially examines accounng for manufacturing operaons with the computaon of manufacturing and producon costs. This leads to a discussion of the cost accounting and process cost systems. Students will develop the analycal – and other – skills necessary for the controller’s funcon, and will learn to generate, analyze, and implement financial informaon for efficient managerial decisions.

Markeng Management This course provides an overview of all the fundamental markeng management concepts and provides students with the opportunity to integrate them. Students will learn how to scan the environment, perform market studies, evaluate buyer and consumer behavior, launch new products, and choose a coherent markeng mix strategy (product and branding, price, distribuon, and communicaon strategies). They will also learn to analyze and formulate a markeng strategy, and select an implementaon process by preparing and presenng a markeng plan for a product or service. Through this process students will develop an understanding of the ways in which the customer is the focus of all markeng acons, and the role markeng plays within a company and in the general economy.

E-Business – Customer Relaonship Management This course aims to provide a basic understanding of e-markeng concepts and how relaonship management (RM) is crical to an

general management perspecve. Leveraging techniques inherent in IUM’s concept learning model, the MonacoMBA encourages students to glean and retain knowledge by inferring paerns in factual experience. This enables students to develop strong analycal and cognive skills that allow them to extrapolate schemas from examples, and provides a foundaon for enduring growth and learning.

organizaon’s success. The course approaches RM from the perspecve of the general management tasks that must be performed to develop RM within an organizaon. The course examines why RM represents a strategic alternave to the tradional 4 P’s markeng paradigm; long-term customer orientaon; and the crucial concepts of sasfacon, trust, and commitment, and their role in the formaon and maintenance of relaonships. The course also discusses ways in which RM can be brought to life in the organizaonal arena thanks to customer relaon management (CRM) through strategy, structure, and systems. Students will learn how the Internet has broadened CRM’s opportunies and efficiency, and ways to develop and implement an effecve CRM strategy.

Strategy This course focuses on the environment in which global strategy is developed at the corporate, business, and operaonal levels. Parcular aenon is paid to the processes, competencies, and vision of top management; compeve posioning; understanding comparave costs; and addressing issues such as cannibalizaon, network externalies, and globalizaon. Students will hone their skills for formulang strategy by developing an understanding of a firm’s operave environment. They will master a range of analycal tools and then demonstrate the ability to take an integrave point of view in using these tools to perform in-depth analyses of industries and competors.


CORE COURSES DESCRIPTIONS Financial Accounng, Reporng, and Control This course provides a general overview of how accounng contributes to an organizaon, especially since it is the primary channel for communicang informaon about the economics of a business. Students will learn the concepts and language of accounng; the ways it can be used as an effecve tool for communicaon, monitoring, and resource allocaon; and the terminology and jargon of financial statements and accounng reports.

Stascs This course covers the basics of classical stascs including summary measures of data, graphical presentaon of data, random variables and probability distribuons, expected values, esmaon, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tesng. Students will become familiar with the classical material as well as the advanced quantave methods applied to managerial decision making problems such as regression, analysis of variance, and me series analysis.

Logiscs, Operaons, and Supply Chain Management This course focuses on what operaons managers do, how operaons management involves a range of business funcons, and the tools that operaons managers use. Students will develop the skills and concepts needed to


ensure the ongoing contribuon of a firm’s operaons to its compeve posion, as well as an understanding of the complex processes underlying the development and manufacture of products, and the creaon and delivery of services.

Managerial Economics This course employs an intuive, non-calculus-based treatment of economic theory and concentrates on micro-economic topics of parcular importance to assist students in understanding and improving the managerial decision-making process. The firm is treated as a unified whole rather than a series of discrete, unrelated parts. Students will gain a solid foundaon of economic understanding and the “economic way of thinking” for use in strategic and managerial decision making, and an understanding of the basic forces of supply and demand and how they interact to determine the quanty of goods traded in a market – and the price paid for those goods. They will learn to analyze market structure, examine the pricing pracces needed for successful management, discuss ways in which real markets depart from perfect compeon, and describe the role of government in a market economy.


Financial Markets

This course is divided into two parts. Part 1 examines the role of finance in supporng the funconal areas of a firm and fosters an understanding of how financial decisions themselves can create value. Topics covered include basic analycal skills and principles of corporate finance; funcons of modern capital markets and financial instuons; and standard techniques of analysis, including capital budgeng, discounted cash flow valuaon, and risk analysis. Part 2 builds on the foundaon developed in part 1, focusing on a number of managerial decisions: how to evaluate complex investments, how to set and execute financial policies within a firm, and how to integrate the many financial decisions faced by firms.

This course introduces the fundamentals and workings of financial products and financial markets; the mathemacs of the markets; and the vocabulary, parcipants, and technologies that make these markets work. Case study discussions and acvies that simulate financial markets in all their components (from corporaons to investment banks to fund management firms to clearing houses) are an integral part of the course. Students will learn to develop an awareness and understanding of current market condions; interconnecons between the stock, bond, derivaves, and foreign exchange markets; and the impact and relevance of current economic and geopolical events.

Students will learn methods for reviewing the range of issues confronng a corporaon as it determines the role of financing in the enterprise such as financial analysis, capital budgeng, capital structure, and cost of capital. They will also learn valuaon techniques, ways to manage working capital, how NPV and valuaon techniques are related, and methods for managing debt and equity financing.

Governance and Business Law This course presents the principal legal mechanisms used in the world of internaonal business, and explores the ethical and legal foundaons of business acvies in an internaonal seng. Students will master the relevant legal topics of internaonal transacons, and learn how to analyze the problems and methods of internaonal business law and comparave law.



indepth understanding of the mortgage market with its several sources of financing.

Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance This course is designed to familiarize students with the issues and pracces surrounding private equity investments, in parcular venture capital, bootstrap finance, mezzanine invesng, and turnarounds. This involves learning about the dimensions of risks and expected returns in a context which is characterized by incomplete informaon and lack of liquidity while gaining praccal insights into the interacon and relaonship between the investor and management: What are their respecve interests and strategies? How do they come to a deal? What is the process? How do they create value? The course integrates various managerial disciplines and covers the venture capital environment, financial modeling, business plan analysis, investment criteria, delivering pitches and teasers, understanding and negoang terms and condions, and preparing for due diligence and closing

Real Estate Invesng This course seeks to impart an understanding of commercial real estate as an income producing investment. It explains real estate syndicaons as an ownership form, financing alternaves, and the use of financial leverage. Students will learn the techniques used to valuate commercial properes, how to prepare an investment analysis, and how to idenfy the risks of development projects. They will develop an


Hedge Fund and Fund of Funds Management This course is designed to expose students to various characteriscs of hedge funds – their classificaon in terms of the strategies employed and risk-adjusted performance evaluaon, and their organizaonal structure as well as their objecves, risks, and disclosure pracces. The course introduces legal issues concerning the formaon of a hedge fund and their business pracces such as management and incenve fees structure. The “hedge fund universe,” its historical and current evoluon, and its ethical issues is presented from a variety of perspecves, from managers to private and instuonal investors. Several classes in this course are taught by market professionals.

INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT Corporate Social Responsibility This course resumes the discussion of fundamental ethical principles as they guide business leaders in their daily decisions to take them to the corporate level. The course explores the proposion that businesses have a responsibility to society beyond wealth creaon; and examines the responsibilies of corporaons and execuves to their shareholders, constuencies, and local and at-large communies.

Management, Leadership, and Global Compeon This course familiarizes parcipants with basic management processes, concepts, techniques, and tools; and presents the concepts of leadership and global compeon. Students will develop an understanding of the crical role management plays in modern business and learn how business funcons are linked to form an integrated totality.

Global Policy and Sustainability This course provides students with insight into the rapidly changing world of global environmental policy and sustainable development. Students will be exposed to the challenges of managing the environment and securing sustainable development from an internaonal perspecve.


consistent markeng strategies in the luxury sector through lectures, cases, business and academic arcles, and field study.

e-Luxury This course is designed to introduce students to the new technologies that are influencing the luxury industry. The course focuses on new technologies used in markeng, communicaon, research, and product development in the luxury industry. These include the Internet, the World Wide Web, and e-tailing. The course seeks to answer the queson: How can the luxury enterprise sell its goods and services online? Students will learn how to culvate and manage an online image, and how technology can impact global luxury markets. They will develop an understanding of the Internet’s power as a markeng and communicaon tool, and demonstrate an appreciaon of ways in which consumer expectaons are molded by the advent of interacve technologies.

Managing Luxury Brands Luxury Consumer Behavior This course invesgates the dynamics of human behavior and how it relates to decision making in the luxury sector through an in-depth view of the many factors that influence the consumer’s decision making process. Topics include individual movaon, personality traits, selfconcept, values, lifestyles, and psychological processes; and group membership, social classes, and (sub)-cultures. Students will learn to ulize course material to develop

This course provides an overview of the ways in which luxury brands are conceived, developed, launched, nurtured, and protected. Topics include devaluaon of luxury, the mass market, “super-luxury” or “uber-premium” brands, using brands to create new market segments, and account management. Students will learn how to assess luxury product markets, manage internaonal distribuon as part of the branding process, and manage brand assets and equity by controlling a brand and communicang its advantages. 13

PROGRAM OUTCOMES What will you get out of your MBA at IUM? P the solid managerial skill set which allows you to quickly P become producve and confident managers.

the ability to collaborate in a truly internaonal P acquired seng.

P learned to work and lead in a dynamic and unpredictable


a general knowledge of management theory and pracce, as well as specialized industry knowledge of finance, luxury and internaonal management. a life-changing learning experience: creang new perspecves, a world-wide network, and ongoing opportunies for professional growth and development.

environment, with people from different regions, cultures and backgrounds.

P assimilated not only the hard skills, but also the so

skills so fundamental to management success today and tomorrow.

“The university’s Mentorship program does an excellent job in bringing students together with local business people to help them understand how business actually works” Andreas Buelow, German, MBA 2006 Entrepreneur in Bahrain


“Throughout my MBA I had the opportunity to immerse myself into the business dynamics of major internaonal companies in various industries. It was a year combined with hard work which truly pushed me to my limits and gave me confidence in my abilies. Even more importantly, I developed lifelong friendships and business relaonships.” Caroline Behne, German, MBA 2010 Senior Markeng Associate, teNeues Publishing, New York

Out of the classroom and out of the box…. Despite the academically intensive ten month program, MonacoMBA students also parcipate in a variety of extra-curricular acvies intended to broaden their perspecves and expose them to new ideas and environments. Throughout the year, IUM hosts numerous conferences with leading thinkers and praconers from a wealth of sectors. The annual MonacoMBA Field trip is not only an “out of the classroom” and “out of the box” team building exercise, but an opportunity for students to visit areas with centers of experse in a variety of domains. While there, they also meet senior management from leading organizaons and visit corporate facilies such as producon, markeng, logiscs and distribuon. In the last few years, the MonacoMBA students visited London, Geneva, Torino, Milano and Paris.

The MBA Mentorship Program For the last eight years, the Internaonal University of Monaco has been offering a unique Mentorship Program for its MonacoMBA students. Thanks to this program, students have the exceponal experience of benefing from the guidance, insight and knowledge of CEOs, top execuves, and successful entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors and countries. Every year this program involves more than 80 mentors and has been an outstanding contribuon to student`s overall experience here, and the achievement of their professional goals. Through this opportunity to develop ongoing relaonships with successful professionals, students gain a unique appreciaon of the industry or pracce which most interests them. This is not only beneficial for their studies, but also assists in their career aspiraons.




Marie-Cécile CERVELLON

David is professor of Organizaonal Behavior and Management as well as the Director of Academic Research at IUM. He has also lectured at the University of Toulouse, where he studied for his PhD in Industrial Psychology. He holds a B.Sc. Psychology and Pedagogy from the University of Mons-Hainaut, Belgium; an MA in Industrial Psychology from the University of Mons-Hainaut, Belgium; and an MSc in Cognive Psychology, Ecole Praque des Hautes Etudes, Paris.

Dr. Cervellon received her PhD from McGill University in Montreal, Canada . She also graduated from Paris IX-Dauphine University (Master in Research) and ESCP Europe (Master in Management-Grandes Ecoles). She is professor in Consumer Behavior Sciences and Markeng at the Internaonal University of Monaco, and researches on topics linked to luxury goods and services. She published arcles in major academic journals such as the Internaonal Journal of Research in Markeng, the Journal of Business Research and the Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology. Her research papers were presented at major conferences worldwide. Previous to her academic career, she had 8 year experience as brand manager in Sara Lee Corporaon.

Ingo BÖBEL Dr. Böbel’s specialty field is economics. He is a member of the “Microeconomics of Compeveness” (MOC) network at the Instute for Strategy and Compeveness at Harvard Business School (Professor Michael E. Porter) and a Vising Professor of Economics at SCQM Jiao Tong University, Shanghai. His career has led Dr. Böbel to several countries where he has been involved in dozens of research acvies. His academic work comprises six books and numerous refereed arcles and is referred to in many renowned books and encyclopedic publicaons. Professor Böbel obtained his Dr.rer.pol. and Dr.rer.pol.habil. at the University of Erlangen-Nüremberg, Germany.


Douglas KENT Douglas is the Chairman of the European Supply Chain Council’s Leadership team where he is also one of a select few SCOR® qualified instructors. Douglas is an MBA graduate from Pepperdine University’s School of Management and studied at Harvard University during his post-graduate years. Douglas is also a frequent lecturer, conference lead and author of many Supply Chain arcles. Douglas teaches as adjunct professor at the Internaonal University of Monaco.

“I was impressed by the well structured program, the highly knowledgeable professors, their level of preparaon and unique teaching philosophy. I received the right foundaon for my future career by being able to go beyond the theories, skills and data taught in the classrooms and apply them in real world situaons.” Katalin Radvanyi, Hungarian, MBA 2010 Director, Financial Services, London



Gregory started his academic career with a B.A. with a major in violin from the Academy of Monaco. He obtained an MBA at IUM, before receiving his Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Paris-Est. He has worked as an account execuve at The Golden Lender Financial group and aer obtaining his US financial licenses he specialized in dealing with NYSE securies. He has also worked for Prime Charter Ltd. and Joseph Stevens & Co, and as a Foreign Exchange consultant for Consul Internaonal Partners. He became a Trader for the Whitsunday Holdings Ltd. and he went on to specialize in trading index futures contracts (S&P 500, FTSE 100, CAC40). He is currently the Director of the Master in Finance programs and professor of Finance at IUM.

Franco Quillico received an MS Summa Cum Laude in electrical engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan, and an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He worked for Bain & Company and Salomon Brothers. Since December 1993 Franco Quillico is Managing Partner of Andromeda Consulng, an advisory firm based in the Principality of Monaco, focusing on mergers & acquisions. Mr. Quillico has advised clients in various industries: banking, informaon services, computers, chemicals, real estate, construcon materials, machine tools, automove, railroad, ulies, air courier, texles, prinng, food processing, fast food, entertainment; and in several countries: Italy, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Monaco, Switzerland and the United States.

Joseph Michael PAYTE Founding board member of the Internaonal Associaon of Financial Engineers (IAFE), Mr. Payte has also been Vice President of the Internaonal Financial Markets/Swaps/ Derivaves Cibank, and Senior Managing Director of the Internaonal Capital Markets Bear Stearns & Co. He has an MBA Finance & Intl Business from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

Glenn WEISS A lawyer for the bar of New York, Glenn get the authorizaon to act as a Monaco Internaonal Legal Expert in 1999. He specialized in negoated agreements with third pares, including the United Naons, informaon technology suppliers, and banks. Glenn advises companies on corporate law and internaonal business operaons. Glenn holds a Juris Doctorate from Boston University School of Law, Boston, Massachuses.


ADMISSION PROCESS How to benefit from the Monaco MBA experience? We consciously select a diverse student body, one that not only reflects a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and naonalies, but a wide range of personal interests and professional ambions. We recognize — and welcome — leadership that may be expressed in many forms, from running an independent business to spearheading iniaves at work. In essence, we are looking for evidence of your potenal - a porolio of experiences, iniaves, and accomplishments that reflect leadership and capacity for intellectual and professional growth. Americas 52%

Africa 5%

Africa Americas Asia Europe Europe 29% Asia 14%


20102011 MonacoMBA Class Profile Female 52% - Male 48% Average age 29 Average GPA 3.2 Average Years of Work Experience 6

Learn, Grow and Network... are also elements we look for in our candidates. Through the Admissions Process, we idenfy candidates who show academic excellence, internaonal awareness, leadership ability and strong interpersonal skills. The MBA Admissions Board will review your prior academic performance and the nature of your work experience. There is no parcular previous course of study required to apply. From all over the world, we seek applicants with high potenal who wish to share their talent and ambions with their community. With the Monaco MBA, your experience will last a “life-me”.

“Having a curriculum which was focused on global business and being in a seng of internaonal students for 10 months, really provided me with the exposure to global markets, their branding and methods of distribuon, specifically in the luxury sector...all of which have proved beneficial. IUM provided me with the educaon and more importantly the opportunity to be in an internaonal business environment to enhance my future goals. ” Deepa Radhakrishnan, American, MBA 2010 Account Execuve for Estee Lauder Group, Sephora, MAC & Trish McEvoy, Los Angeles

We seek students who are open-minded and who demonstrate a strong desire for professional advancement and intellectual growth. As a small cohort in a diversified group, we are looking for students who have the ability to proacvely contribute to the MonacoMBA experience. At IUM, applicants need to demonstrate their potenal as business leaders.

Admissions Process You can start your applicaon for the MonacoMBA program online on our web site. Upon compleon, you need to send the required documents by post. The MBA Admissions Board will take between 10-15 days for the evaluaon of your file and aerwards will schedule a telephone interview.

Further information and application procedure To apply for the MBA program, complete and submit your application online at including all supporng materials. For more informaon, contact Ms. Leila Bello at or by phone at +377-97- 986-986.

Admissions Requirements Essays and Short quesons A Bachelor Degree (transcripts) Proof of English Proficiency 2 Leers of recommendaon GMAT score (date scheduled) CV (resume)


Please note that the informaon contained within this brochure may be subject to change

Admissions Criteria

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