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Hackerteen: Volume 1: Internet Blackout By Marcelo Marques O!Reilly, ISBN: 0596516479 This graphic novel probes the modern online world where an increasing number of middle school- and high school-aged kids spend their time. Hackerteen teaches young readers about basic computing and Internet topics, including the potential for victimization. The book is also ideal for parents and teachers who want their children and students to understand the risks of using the Internet and the proper ways to behave online.

Google Apps Hacks By Philipp Lenssen O!Reilly, ISBN: 059651588X With 100,000 businesses running trials of Google Office, the venerable Microsoft Office suite has a serious challenger. But can Google's web apps make the cut? The scores of clever hacks and workarounds in this book help you get more than the obvious out of a whole host of Google's web-based applications for word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint-style presentations, email, calendar, and more by giving you ways to exploit the suite's unique network functionality.

The New School of Information Security By Adam Shostack and Andrew Stewart Addison-Wesley Professional, ISBN: 0321502787 This book explains why professionals have taken to studying economics, not cryptography--and why you should, too. And why security breach notices are the best thing to ever happen to information security. It!s about time someone asked the biggest, toughest questions about information security. Security experts Adam Shostack and Andrew Stewart don!t just answer those questions--they offer honest, deeply troubling answers.

Understanding Windows CardSpace By Vittorio Bertocci, Garrett Serack and Caleb Baker Addison-Wesley Professional, ISBN: 0321496841 Windows CardSpace empowers organizations to prevent identity theft and systematically address a broad spectrum of security and privacy challenges. This book is the first insider!s guide to Windows CardSpace and the broader topic of identity management for technical and business professionals. Drawing on the authors! unparalleled experience earned by working with the CardSpace product team and by implementing state-of-the-art CardSpace-based systems at leading enterprises, it offers unprecedented insight into the realities of identity management: from planning and design through deployment.


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