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Queen R Jenkins is the owner and designer of Purity Clothing Co. At Purity Clothing Co we redress your SOUL. In Season Magazine is a publication of Purity Clothing Co. God gave Queen a vision of In Season Magazine and The Oh Please! Makeover in 2005 and that vision rested inside her spirit until 2010. Through Purity Clothing Co she began making women over and in August 2010 she began making teens over. In Season Magazine is a place where every woman and girl, no matter your skin color or dress size, is

We have allowed God’s Holy Spirit to remake our clients through our hands. We know that we are but MERE vessels that He did not have to choose to use...but He did. And for that we will forever be eternally grateful. Humble yourselves and make God first and you can experience a joyfilled life! Trust in Him and let Him be the pilot and you the co-pilot! With His love, Queen R Jenkins Editor-In-Chief

Fruit of the Spirit Café Coffee Shop Gift Shop Event Hosting Game & Karaoke Night Spoken Word Night Party Hall Men of Valor Meeting Women of Virtue Meeting Young Adults Events Couples Ministry

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Wifferent circumstances require different actions. In this day and age it will take

a different way to minister and lead those in the world to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. For that task, God brought three uniquely different individuals together that will change not only the face of Gospel music, but music altogether in all genres. They are Three60! Three60 consists of T.R.U. Worship (Tiffany O’Neal), KD (Andre’ Wainwright) and Z (Chris Zimmerman). Three individuals that have lived a worldly life in the past worthy of writing a book about that will sure to be a best seller, God touched them and turned their lives around a full revolution (or 360 degrees) thus the name Three60. When you hear their testimonies, whether it’s from their “gut-wrenching” testimony of their life or their testimonies of the Word through their music, you will surely be touched, intrigued and compelled to think about making some changes in your life…Saved or not. With a great understanding of the Word and realizing that life is about serving and blessing others while being “fishers of men” and also taking the actions to back it up, Three60 is here to shake things up, save souls and handle Kingdom Business. And with God on their side, no weapon formed against them will prosper! For more info and booking please contact: Teal Zimmerman (678)281-5546 or Three60 Music 541 10th St. N.W. #490 Atlanta, GA 30318

Purity Clothing Co blesses teenage girls with a makeover they call ‘The Oh Please! Makeover’. Through The Oh Please! Makeover they say YES to what pleases God and OH PLEASE! to what doesn’t!

Keionia Saveright

Girls, ages 13-18, can register for the makeover online or at your local school. Simply tell your counselor that your want the girls in your school to have the opportunity to register for The Oh Please! Makeover and they will contact us! Winner of The Oh Please! Makeover - November 2010

~Winner will be featured in ‘In Season Magazine’

Register Online @

Send your name, age, parents name, your phone number, your parents phone number and email address to

Purity Clothing Co. ‘We redress your soul’ 678.933.7080

Purity Clothing Co is a kingdom-based clothing company where we put God first BEFORE our designing and styling. At Purity Clothing Co, ‘we redress your SOUL’. We give you a God-inspired look on clothing and the Truth about beauty and fashion.

IN SEASON Magazine

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Beautiful Jesus said I am beautiful He is fearfully and wonderfully made He said that He loves me He loves me more than I can love myself He has more thoughts about me than the grains of sand on the beach He said that I am precious in His sight Jesus is a King, whom I married When I gave my heart to Him, He accepted me as His bride So that makes me a Queen Hold your head up Queens or your crowns will fall off, walk in royalty He made me wealthy in beauty Beauty inside and out I am wealthy in conversation of Him I am wealthy in His praise, I have so much to be thankful for I am wealthy in friendship, I can be a friend to those who are looking I am wealthy in His worship, I understand I am nothing without Him I am not smart unless I have Jesus, I don’t know love unless I know Jesus I am wealthy in His love, I can love those who don’t look like me or Him I am wealthy in forgiveness, I can release and let go My mouth is full of wealth, I speak beauty and love when I talk to my sisters I am supposed to love, I’m expected to love, You called me to love You trust me to show Your love Love is my ministry, I am wealthy in this I am no longer mad or angry, I am no longer bitter, I no longer hate I am free, that’s beauty Real beauty is in Christ Jesus He is beauty

By Queen R. Jenkins

I support SMALL KINGDOM business Campaign! Help build God’s KINGDOM by supporting KingdomFIRST!

Make a BIG impact with SMALL Kingdom businesses! In order for small businesses to stay in business they need the support of their local community! BIG retailers were once small but YOU supported them and they GREW! The benefits of a SMALL KINGDOM business: Create our own economy that we control thus keeping SMALL Kingdom business in business Bring jobs to our community Provide small treasures you may NEVER find in a big retailer Provide better customer care because of their small size Provide creative merchandise from local artist and/or designers

** WIN a CRUISE trip by shopping!!** Make the SMALL Kingdom business Promise: **I promise to STOP by a local SMALL Kingdom business from the KingdomFIRST Directory, BEFORE I go to ANY big retailer for my families needs! **I promise to tell a friend about the SMALL Kingdom business I love to shop at! How does it work, you ask?? 1. Locate any SMALL Kingdom business in our ‘KingdomFIRST Directory’. 2. Then simply visit your favorite SMALL Kingdom business from our directory and shop as normal 3. Refer a friend to your favorite SMALL Kingdom business 4. Receive your cruise certificate on your 3rd shopping visit!

Shop ‘IN THE KINGDOM’ today!



Purity Clothing Co

Fruit of the Spirit Café 948 Railroad St Ste D Conyers GA 30013 *FREE Wi-Fi 770.374.6561

678.933.7080 G Phi J Wear (Glory Phi Jesus) 404.509.1710

LaTique Boutique 678.572.9984 Things Dat Bling 404.290.4483

IMAGE CONSULTING Purity Clothing Co Queen R Jenkins 678.933.7080

BEAUTY A Special Touch Spa by Jacouri Mobile Spa Services 404.246.7560 Prestige Smile Teeth Whitening 678.640.7154

CONTRACTORS Corner Stone Construction Glen Hodge 678.768.9828 225.772.3138

Glam Squad Mandissa Johnson 678.615.5983



Garage Door Installs 678.640.7154

Time For Me Boutique 770.235.2321



Chef Bandorian Classie Catering 678.377.0616

Ivory Tower Designs & Jewelry 404.307.0291

Roxanne Elliott 678.342.4756

Savannah’s Accessories 678.736.9556


DJ SERVICES Darnell Latimore 678.768.9767

Acts of Valor Hair Salon 770.482.6500 *EAR PIERCING

KINGDOMFIRST DIRECTORY Help build God’s KINGDOM by supporting KingdomFIRST! HAIR STYLIST Styles By Roberta 404.216.7200

Jaime Smith 615.351.8493 MAKE UP ARTIST

PHOTOGRAPHY Michael Alvins Photography 678.984.0095 Marchelle Beeman Photography 404.483.4386

Jaime Smith 615.351.8493



Art on 5 Art Gallery 404.564.4799

Jones Enterprises Lashawn Jones


Clarissa Horton Studios 770.354.3633


Jessica Rollins (Artist) 770.760.1245

Worthy Gift Gallery 678.848.4766 20% OFF use Coupon Code: 816


The Wisdom Knot 678.933.7913


Pixel Tree Designs Joseph Roberts 770.714.3505


Girls To Women 404.797.0624

Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival 404.915.6117 *October 2011

Manna Teaching Ministries 770.882.7389


HOPE Girls Ministry Angel West 954.673.1534

Wireless Evolution Thomas Carter 6746 Covington Hwy Ste 106 770.322.6671

Manna Teaching Ministries Presents... ‘The School of Ministry’ Bible Study Every Monday evening Taught by Evangelist B. Amos Time: 7PM Where: Conference Call 712.775.7000 Access code: 1024786#

Sign our guestbook! *Please be on time as we will always open up with prayer and prayer requests!

Purity Clothing Co Presents… ‘Prayer, Pearls & Pampering Party’ Purity Clothing Co has launched their NEW handmade jewelry line! And we INVITE you to our next ‘Prayer, Pearls & Pampering Party! Come and be blessed in an atmosphere filled with prayer, pearls and pampering! February 5, 2011 1:00PM Fruit of the Spirit Cafe 948 Railroad St Suite D Conyers, GA 30013 Matthew13:45 The Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who is a dealer in search of fine and precious PEARLS, who on finding a SINGLE PEARL of great price, went and sold all he had and bought it Proverbs 31:10 She is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies or PEARLS ~Hand Massage & Manicures ~Chair Massage ~Make Up ~Hair Styling **Come with hair already clean & dry**

Jan 2011 Issue  

Purity Clothing Co launches their NEW publication, In Season Magazine!

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